Merrick Gumble


Professional Voice Actor 


the ever growing list of my completed projects

Audio Books

Humor Cats: Cats Are Just Really Big Jerks!: Just Really Big Jerks Series

Best Breakfast Ideas: Audio Book

Internal company voice work

Meacham Middle School Narrator GoVision

Semper Fi Fund Narrator GoVision

Video Games

Family Guy: the Quest for stuff John Wick TinyCo.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Kwanzaa Bot TinyCo.

Online Animations

Beauty and the Beast Beast Adrian Animations

Frog Prince David Adrian Animations

Jungle Book Mowgli Adrian Animations

Peter Pan Peter Pan Adrian Animations

Rapunzel Prince and Sidekick Adrian Animations

Frog Prince Rat Adrian Animations

Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Adrian Animations

Rumpelstiltskin King Adrian Animations

A Bully Seeks Forgiveness Narrator Rabbi Wiener

Confiscate that Dog Narrator Rabbi Wiener

Voice Profiles

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      I have a lot of work done in both voice acting and editing audio for 5 years which include things such as audio books and community run projects. There is a completed audio book with my voice on sale on audible under the name of "Humor Cats: Cats are just really big jerks." Those several community projects include doing voice impressions for video game characters such as Mario, and many others. The other type of community projects done include some narration work for fan made movie trailers. I am available for work everyday 24/7, and I focus on a voice acting project one hundred percent of all my time. I consistently strive myself to do my best to complete projects quickly and as professional as possible. 


Tayler Mitchell (GoVision):

This was my first time of surely many working with Gumble Voice Overs. I was referred by a friend and am very happy with the service! Mr. Gumble was incredibly nice to work with, his response time was great for a quick turnaround project and he was also very patient with minor tweaks and edits. After just a few versions, I got exactly what I needed and definitely plan to use his service again in the future!